Don't make the same mistakes 99% of all first-time authors make.
Learn the "secret knock" that makes literary agents
and publishers open the door!

How can I help you?


One-on-one personal consulting to address exactly what you need
to bring your book to its full publishable potential.

*Appointment Length: 60 Minutes, on the phone or via Skype
*Appointment Fee: $250
*4-session packages are available for a special price of $700.
*All sessions include a full review of material up to 50 pages.


Is your book ready to submit to literary agents & publishers?
Find out for sure before you send it.

*Appointment Length: 60-minutes, on the phone or via Skype
*Appointment Fee: $750
*This includes a full review of your book up to 65,000 words


Your query letter needs to deliver what agents need in the first line.

*Appointment Length: 30 Minutes, on the phone or via Skype
*Appointment Fee: $175


You only get one shot to get a literary agent's attention. Don't let them pass on your amazing book just because of a few first-time author mistakes.

*Appointment Length: 60-minutes, on the phone or via Skype
*Appointment Fee: $450

Not yet ready for private book coaching?

No problem.

I offer a life-changing e-course designed for first-time authors to give them the information they need to get published. It's value-priced to give you insider information that can launch your writing career!

Perfect for every stage in the writing process, this e-course is dedicated to giving you the right information upfront that you need to sell your book to a major publisher in record time.

The Before Your Write Your Book E-Course is like 10-sessions with me getting you up to speed on how to write a bestseller. It's a great investment in your writing career. When you're ready for a personal review of your book, query letter, or book proposal - email me at and we'll set up your private book coaching session.